Sunday, 21 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

I think I'm gonna listen to this Christmas album over and over during this holidays. I highly recommend it.
The Once
This is A Christmas Album By The Once (you can find on iTunes and GooglePlay)

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Monday, 27 October 2014

Let Her Go

Ok, Let Her Go was never my most favourite song by Passenger (that of course doesn't mean I don't like- I love this song actually, nonetheless it's not my most fav one :)) and it wasn't even the first Passenger song I've heard (Walk in the Rain was the first)... However lately, I am sort of falling with love with this song (all over again)

And this... awwww, how amazing?

"When I wrote it, I definitely felt like it had something… I never had a song on the radio, I didn't believe I could have a song on the radio, because generally, folk music doesn't get on commercial radio, it just doesn't. I kinda thought that that kind of success was for other people, people who really tried to get that kind of success, because I never have."
- Passenger
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Saturday, 25 October 2014

'You don't know us, but we're The Once from Newfoundland, Canada'

I love the article!
read it here:
"This is die-hard fans that have been there since nine in the morning, lining up around the building, and this is different but it's really, really cool to be a part of and he [Passenger] draws the most amazing crowd and we get to share in that. They're there early, they listen to everything, they take pictures and treat us like rock stars," said Churchill.
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One of my biggest dreams (besides those really important one concerning my future) is to see Mike D. Rosenberg (Passenger) busking... It's killing me to see these videos on YT (I'm super angry with myself that I didn't travel somewhere for the busking when there still was a chance- yeah, I used to be scared of travelling to other countries on my own- I'm so stupid- i could have also seen Passenger as an opening act for Ed ;(..)

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