Monday, 27 October 2014

Let Her Go

Ok, Let Her Go was never my most favourite song by Passenger (that of course doesn't mean I don't like- I love this song actually, nonetheless it's not my most fav one :)) and it wasn't even the first Passenger song I've heard (Walk in the Rain was the first)... However lately, I am sort of falling with love with this song (all over again)

And this... awwww, how amazing?

"When I wrote it, I definitely felt like it had something… I never had a song on the radio, I didn't believe I could have a song on the radio, because generally, folk music doesn't get on commercial radio, it just doesn't. I kinda thought that that kind of success was for other people, people who really tried to get that kind of success, because I never have."
- Passenger

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