Sunday, 31 August 2014

Bastille at Colours of Ostrava

Guys from Bastille in Ostrava, Czech Republic
It is more than one month since I saw Bastille for the first time, I still cannot believe it- it was wonderful, I know how awfully pathetic it sounds- but, yeah, it was kinda dream-come-true-situation for me.
I wish I could see them again. I know they have already been in the Czech Republic two times this year- and in total (*sniff* Why the hell weren't I at their gig in Prague?!), so the chances they would come here any time soon are pretty low, therefore I was looking up the gig which would be somewhere not that far away- I suppose I would be able to make to Germany or Austria (Vienna), no luck here :/
(thank God for YT, at least something :))
Well, I'll keep hoping I get to see them next year (or year after that). And there's gonna be a new CD (which I'm so excited about already!!!)- the sooner the better :)

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