Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Most Epic ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Ever

Actors, actresses, singers, bands, writes and practically anyone may take part in Ice Bucket Challenge. (It is a wonderful act of raising ALS awarness). Check the official info about the challenge here!

And since it's for good cause and so much fun (at least to see someone doing it) it is all over social media. You can see your favourite celebs doing so!

My most favourite one is by Dan from Imagine Dragons (also because he clearly explains in a video what it is for):

And Ed Sheeran's one is awesome (waiting for Bastille's one :D)
Watch here

And Michael Buble's reaction in the end of the video is hilarious!
Watch here 

NOTE: I'm certainly not saying that there is not better Ice Bucket Challenge, however, since I'm fond of these guys... You know what I mean ... :)

And please, if you think that this challenge is rubbish, go to this site and watch the video. It DOES make a different.


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