Tuesday, 5 August 2014

When Dream Come True

In beginning of this year, lovely Bastille honored the Czech Republic with their visit (photos from Prague, 18.3.14 here). I was so disappointed with myself that I missed it :/ However, just about half a year later, they came back! To the festival Colours of Ostrava. I knew I had to be there. It was not just the first time I saw Bastille performing live but it was my first festival ever. Best four days of my life. If you are interested, here's a article about Colours (brings amazing memories back- hope I'll make it there next year!).
I can't even describe how much it meant to me I got to see Bastille live. What a night! I woudn't maybe even mind standing somewhere at the back (they were THAT good) so when I found myself stand in the third row in the middle, I could not be happier. It is incredible when you can sing and dance to the song of your favourite artist with people around you sharing the same passion. It was surreal how close I was. I should behave me age but I just love their songs (both music and lyrics), their stage performance, videos, whole band... *fangirling* I proudly wore Bastille T-shirt.
I didn't even try to get into the backstage for an autograph or photos because, well, I didn't know how :D Even though, I would love to meet them in person and have my booklet signed, I was not disappointed because the gig was spectacular.
Can't wait for their next album and I hope I'll got to see them again. (See you in the Czech Republic, again? :))
Bastille at Colours of Ostrava
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