Tuesday, 2 September 2014

'I Wonder Who's To Blame'

Amazing! I was trying for a while NOT to buy cds I hasn't already had (or are they EPs?) by Stu Larsen. I wanted to order them later (maybe for Christmas or after them) as I have already spent a fortune on CDs this summer and I wanted to save for Christmas presents and school books. But, erm, somehow just a while ago I completed an order for The Black Tree, Ryeford and Stu Larsen & Natsuki Kurai. (It was either an accident or I just not wait any longer, lol)

(I dunno, maybe I should try to convince my friends and family that it is actually for them :) Not sure I would give them up, though. On second thought, I'd love to give them those albums IF they were interested)

Well, if you still hesitate whether to buy or not Stu's CDs, you know, just listen to his music for a while and, yeah, you'll see (I suppose you debit card will thank my for this advice, haha).


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