Saturday, 2 August 2014

My Exploration Of 'The Once' Band (Better Late Than Never, eh?)

Ok, I think I am just a terrible person... When Mike recommended 'The Once' for the first time I didn't have the courage (Or how to call it... frankly, I'm terrified I won't like something that one of my most precious people recommended- sorry, I hope that doesn't make me a weirdo to call Mike that) to look up their own music. I was so stupid, they are amazing (there's no way I could NOT like them, haha)

First thing I'm listening (Besides those song they did with Passenger, I LOVED them in those videos, I did, but i guess listening to their own music is completely different) is a 'Free Music' on their FB page called 'We Are All Running'. ♥

I have just checked their official site and they have already released 4 albums!
Ok, where do I start? Maybe i'll listen to those sample songs here

Songs I listened to from this CD:


  • 'Maid On The Shore'
  • 'Coming Back To You' ... Oh, top!!! It's AMAZING.
  • 'Clohinne Winds'

  'Row Upon Row of the People They Know'

  • 'You're My Best Friend'... This is a truly breathtaking song, I cannot believe it happend but I was kind of watery-eyed, I'm gonna buy this song and keep it as a treasure... so let's listen to other songs!
  • A Round Again ♥

  'This Is A Christmas Album' (I'm listening to Christmas song in summer! :))

  • 'Coventry Carol'
  •  Cause It's Christmas

Songs I listened from their new album: 'Departures'


 I like the cover of the album, by the way.
  • 'We're All Running'... I'm listening to this song again. Extraordinary.
  • All The Hours... EDIT (in September) this has become one of my fav songs (of all songs, not just The Once ones :))


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