Wednesday, 10 September 2014

What Is Bastille's Photo Book Gonna Be Like


Besides, it costs an arm and leg, it's gonna be amazing, i reckon.
Why wouldn't it be? Bestille and amazing photo by Have you checked some photos by him? They are brilliant (hint: check the GN site)

Here you can order the Photo Book.

    • Stunning Art Photography By Gregory Nolan
    • Early-Bird Pre-Orders Signed by All Members of The Band
    • Never-Before-Seen Backstage Moments
    • Deluxe Edition Comes With Exclusive 12″ Vinyl
    • Ships on 5th December in time for Christmas
  • The Deluxe Clamshell Edition is presented in a gorgeous clamshell box and includes a 12″ vinyl EP of brand new music. The Standard Slipcase Edition comes in a beautiful slipcase. BASTILLE: The Bad Blood Tour
    This stunning art photography book captures the essence of Bastille’s journey and rise to global critical acclaim. Through the lens of hundreds of Gregory Nolan’s photos — mostly exclusive to this book alone — BASTILLE: The Bad Blood Tour invites you to witness the tension, drama, energy, and connection of the band’s life on the road.
    The book takes you through almost four years of the band’s life, from the lead up and release of their debut album “Bad Blood” right through to the around the world touring that the album's success has led to. It offers a unique, behind-the-scenes view of almost four years on tour in a format mirroring the breakdown of a single touring day: the travel, the sightseeing, the set up of the show, backstage life, and the performance that concludes each day. These photos invite you into the most exciting moments of adrenaline-fuelled performance, as well as sharing the day-to-day work it takes to tour around the world.
    This book invites you into the most exciting, dramatic moments of Bastille’s career, as well as well as sharing intimate never-before-seen backstage moments, from the unique perspective of their close friend.
    The standard hardcover comes in a beautiful slipcase. The deluxe box set edition is presented in a gorgeous clamshell box and includes a 12″ vinyl EP of brand new music.
    With this limited early-bird pre-order before 29 September 2014, your copy BASTILLE: The Bad Blood Tour comes signed by the band.
    10.8″ × 13.5″
    168 pages
    (Info copied from the official store)



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