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Prague in Awe of Passenger and The Once (Does It Make Sense- I Meant They Were AMAZING)

I finally decided to write something about the gig in Prague.
And why? Well, I don't have much time now but I'm a bit sick today (so I doesn't see much of a point in studying as I probably wouldn't remebrer much fromit anyway :/). At least, I hope reliving one of the most amazing evenings ever will make me feel better (plus I feel after-gig-depressed a bit).

I don't know where to start even. All I can think of it's how PERFECT it was. So, if anyone reads that, excuse me for writing it in such a messy way and without order.

Ok, I had been counting months (and days and hours) to the gig, I was so nervous ANYTHING would go wrong. Simply, I could not believe I would be so lucky to see Mike perform... I thanked him in person for coming to the Czech Republic, however I can't even put into words how much it meant to me (hate myself for sounding so cheesy). Just imagine listening to your favourite singer for a while
I wish I could say I knew him before Let her Go happened- but nooo :/ Often, I try to remember the time when I first heard him and when I though- he's so f***ing speacial. I guess it was just freakishly amazing coincidence, I think (not sure though) I was in the last year of high school (now I'm second year student of uni)- the year of graduation, everything around me was crazy, I was just unable to find balance, I was listening to Ed Sheeran a lot, I was listening to '+' and then I was looking for his older tunes on YT and that's how, I think, it happened, in side panel of YouTube there must have been Let Her Go (the video came out in July 2012- so probably my assumption is right)... From this moment I remember it quite well, I think I have already written it somewhere on this blog. I think it's quite funny!!! Most of fans of Passenger know him because of Let Her Go, I opened the video for it but did NOT play it... Not sure why.. instead I saw there a video with another Passenger's song 'Walking in the Rain'. I thought it was quite different from what I normally listened to (I was right! :D) and then listened to what I though at that time was a first CD 'All The Littler Lights', I was rockin it loads!!! I quite don't remember when this listening and liking his music transform into, how to call it, feeling happy just by hearing a mention of Passenger. I was a bit afraid to look for his older cds (when I found out there were ones) but it turned out as a nonesense. I don't think myself as a crazy fan, I just like what I like, I know I don't have to like EVERYTHING about my favourite singer (/band or whatevs) but with Passenger... I don't know how to put it... I certainly don't wanna sound like a loser without life (as I don't think that's true! haha) but Passenger makes such an important part of my life... He (his music) helped my in many situations (life sucks sometimes, right?) - that + when feeling happy it's just a perfect music to listen to. SERIOUSLY, there's not a SINGLE song written by Passenger, I would say 'Nah, it's a s***' (Okay, prepare for the cheesyness again- it's a word, right?) His music is honest and fills your soul. I believe him every word... And his personality... He could actually behave like an idiot (He's so amazing) but chooses not to. I can' believe how nice he is. I love interviews with Passenger I can't even... I love Passenger's fandom, I seriously don't  think you would find a better one. And the way Passenger achieved all this... My hearts melting, he deserves everything amazing. I look up to him so much! He must be so tired, he's been giging almost nonstop... Ok, let's get back to Prague

I came to wait in front the club (Sasazu in Prague) a bit earlier- there were only 3 girls already waiting. I DID not expected to meet Mike in person at all (yeah, I was hoping I'd meet him sometime after the gig) therefore I almost got a heartattack when he was passing us! ithout thinking, I stopped him and gave him my present and asked him if there's gonna be an opportunity to meet him. he suggested we could take the photo now! (So hell yeah, I have a photo with Passenger!!!!) And he also signed me 'Whispers' cd... It was unbelievable, like a dream (I can't even remember what said to him, I must have been akward but who cares- I don't, he was so nice). And as I was standing in the queue, Geraldine and Andrew (from The Once  'course) passed by me! I said just a simple 'hi' (they replied- sorry for sounding so childlish haha)- even that made me nervous :D
I had a meet up with a friend of mine (we know each other thanx to Passenger- because of him) and inside met another fan who also very cool.

I though how I would describe every f***ing second of this kickASS gig but I can't... It was such a wonderful experience, loved every second of it but, i guess, I am not able to put this perfection in words (it would lose its beauty and it would just a boring narration of the event which I don't want to...)
The Once... ♥
Passenger... ♥
(this is quite accurate- the description above :D)

I did not take many photos nor videos... I was amazed... I didn't want to ruin the moment. Well, anyway, i'm enclosing a few photos of mine and video, video from YT, Czech reviews (All of the were more than positive- which I'm so excited about!!!)

The Once and Passenger about Prague on Twitter
Passenger about Prague (Hope he liked it here)
Setlist (I found it on freaking floor!!! What, what?)
The Once

The lovely reviews (with photos- so you can look):

The ONLY thing that made me sad was that Stu Larsen wasn't there :/ (Lucky America)


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