Monday, 11 August 2014

Bastille's New Songs

Bastille is working on the next album (at least they say so in interviews :D) and they started to play some of those new songs on their gigs.

I think 'Blame' is the one they play the most (found out on YT), they also played it on CoO (It's crazy when they announce it's a new song and you already know the lyrics :D). I love it and therefore I suppose I'll enjoy their next album (hope so). I originally wanted to post their performance from CoO but I love this fanmade video :)

This is my body and soul here <3

Another one: Campus

I think I've also seen third new song on YT somewhere but I cannot remember where :/ I forgot to save it
EDIT: I've found it!!! Enjoy:


And a song called Oil on water 

(unable to find a video cause, apparently, there is not one , we'll just have to wait for the whole album :))

Big thanks to fans who recorded that!


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