Monday, 11 August 2014

Love Letter to Twin Peak

I've already mentioned that Bastille's Laura Palmer song is my top one.
Here's the version that's on the Bad Blood album. 

By the way, the video is wicked! Dan once mentioned that when he was younger he wanted to work in the film industry, therefore music videos aren't for them just something they have to do (I'm just guessing) but they put into it loads of thoughts and enthusiasm and are proud of them.

And also, I have decided to watch Twin Peaks to see what Dan (and maybe other members of Bastille) likes about it. It's a kind of TV series I like so I suppose it won't be a total waste of time.

I also think Laura Palmer is one of first songs (maybe even first one) they made together as a band. Dan also mentioned that original version of the song was much more electronic. I was looking for the original version for some time, then I gave up but one day I 'discovered' it in comments on YouTube. Let's listen to that:

Which one do you prefer?


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