Monday, 18 August 2014

Life's For The Living Part II

Let's do the second part to Live's For The Living series.

I cannot wait to listen to the All The Little Lights album and choose my favourite pieces of lyrics :) Those songs are just... wow (maybe it would be easier to say that I like them all but when I have to choose, I usually think about the meaning of the song more and it brings me to wonderful places <3).

IV. Things That Stop You Dreaming

  Who else thinks that the video is just magnificent (and therefore perfectly matches the song :))?
I got no money...
...I haven't got a rocket
But I have air in my lungs, eyes in my sockets
And a heart that beats like tap that leaks
In a night when you haven't a plumber who can stop it
And my liver may be fucked but my heart is honest
And my word is true like the sky is blue
Yeah, her eyes shine bright like a sky full of comets
Well, if you can't get what you love
You learn to love the things you've got
If you can't be what you want
You learn to be the things you're not
If you can's get what you need
You learn to need the things that stop you dreaming

V. I Hate

Seriously, I could just copy the whole lyrics because I love the song sooo much. (But I won't)

"It's about the stuff that pisses me off!" (Passenger)

I hate ignorant folks who pay money to see gigs
And talk through every fuc*ing song
Well, if you agree, then come hating with me
And feel free to sing along
... I've love for my mother,
For good times, for music, and my mates
Yeah, I laugh and I live, and I have love to give
But, sometimes all you can do is hate
And I hate them magazines aimed at insecure teens
That make ten year old race to grow up
Hey, kids, lets all be anorexic or better
Eat chocolate until you throw up
Just grow old with grace, have you seen Cher's face
It looks like it's been hit by a truck ("Sorry, Cher" Passenger at one gig :D)



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