Sunday, 31 August 2014

Passenger And His ALS Challenge

Passenger just posted video his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with Stu Larsen, The Once and friends.
He is so sweet, what he wrote, awwww, he's been thinking about it much more than most of others, I suppose. It was not just pouring a water for him, he is such a nice person. Plus, I liked the circle they did :D
Here's what Mike has to say to it (if you want to see the video of the challenge, look it up on Mike's FB

Mike commenting the picture from a fan (this one)

PS: I changed my mind, I remember I said that Imagine Dragons' one is my favourite, yeah, naaah- Mike is the best (he realised it's for good cause- donated money, didn't nominate anyone, seems to be aware of the controversy it raises- water wasting, it's Mike- guy with a good heart- among all)


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