Saturday, 30 August 2014

Stu Larsen - Music is my Mistress

A lovely song from Stu's album 'Vagabond' (You can order it from Stu Official Page)!
Oh my, it's so soothing and extraordinary! It's one of my favourite songs by Stu.
I find it kinda strange that the video appeared on YT like 7 years ago! And it's on this year's album. It makes even more special- he kept this little treasure for so many years (until proper release on CD).
On top of that, I didn't even know he existed 7 years ago :/, what weird feeling watching it. I am so grateful I ever discovered Passenger and that he introduced to me to a wonderful world of Stu's music. (However, I feel so stupid that I looked up Stu's music in, maybe, May (?) of this year, when I'm pretty sure that Mike mentioned him many times before... Well, I suppose- better late than never, eh?)


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