Sunday, 10 August 2014

Passenger's Diary On The Road

Mike (Passenger) decided to make some kind of diary from his tour in the USA.
Here's my most favourite part of his comment on FB:
six or seven years ago i came to nashville for the first time to do some writing with people . it was good fun and a great learning experience but also a bit of a weird time as i didn’t really know any one so i found myself with time to kill .
i wanted to take advantage of being in nashville and so one (really really ) hot day i grabbed my guitar and decided that my mission was to meet john prine and play him some songs …. whether he liked it or not … god that sounds really creepy …..
i made several school boy errors . i didn’t bring a map or any sun block and i had completely underestimated the walk . i ended up spending the best part of three hours wandering around and getting very lost on music row .
when i finally turned up at john prines record label i was a sweaty and sunburnt mess but elated that i’d finally made it . i pressed the buzzer and to my disappointment found out that john was in chicago .
i still hope that i can one day meet john but for now this will have to do .
 (full comment on Passenger official facebook)
Anyway, he is going to keep posting covers of songs that are somehow related to the places he visits, enjoy 'Angel from Montgomery' feat. Stu Larsen, The Once

I am glad he shared with us the story, I don't think I can look up to him even more.
I loved it and cannot wait for another music video like this


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