Monday, 11 August 2014

Say It With John Newman

I yielded to temptation of the Coke commercial 'Say It With A Song' and bought the best bottle they had. John Newman's Out of my Head. Not only because I love John's music but also because today I just wanted to cheer myself up (not with a beverage but with a song I love :))
I've decided not to drink it until John comes back to the Czech Republic. I am not superstitious but I hope it will bring me luck (meaning: John-Prague-Soon). Hope it won't go bad (uhm, after what period can Coke go bad?)

I cannot belive just how many John's songs (Maybe, I should say: pieces of lyrics) are in Czech 'Řekni to písní' (Say it with a song) project.

Out Of My Head
'Need You Back Here'
'Can You Love Me Again' 


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