Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Passenger's Discography

CD Box Set (I posted this photo on FB and Mike commented on it- I'm so happy!)
Deluxe Digital
  • Wicked Man's Rest (2007)
  • Wide Eyes Blind Love (2009)
  • Divers And Submarines (2010)
  • Flight Of The Crow (2010)
  • All The Little Lights (2012)
  • Whispers (2014)

Where to buy?

Official Passenger Store ( From CZ you can order anything except 'Whispers'- that link just do not work :/)
Bontonland (slightly more expensive, not full discography, but when from CZ, can pick up in the shop)


There are no words which could describe the feeling of holding Whispers Deluxe in your hand. I would never, in a million year, would have thought that a cover of a cd may make me cry, I, actually, had eyes full of tears when I finally saw the physical version (as I was out of my home in May and June, I had only the digital version at first, I thought the album could not be any better). I saw the photo of the Deluxe CD  Mike posted but I honestly think that the beauty of this wonderful thing cannot be captured, you must experience. It really has a feel of a magical children (/fairy tale) book (as Mike wished). I could just sit for hours listening to the album and going through this perfection.


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