Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Why Do I Look Up to Passenger?

Not that it is hard to explain but, I guess, I would be writing it for ever (and unfortunately with about a million grammar mistakes) and I doubt there is anybody who would be willing to hear me out. So I let the music speaks for itself.

...I've played a lot of music in the street. I've been playing music for ten years and for nine and half of those years nothing much really happened. I was just kind of wandering around and playing music in pubs and on the street, whatever. And I wrote this song when I was in youth hostel in Scotland and it was pretty miserable, I was really not great. I love Scotland but this specific evening was pretty sh*t. And I was just tired of bringing my guitare around and playing all these songs and no one ever really listening... I wrote this song to cheer me up and I wanna dedicate it to anybody who is trying to persue something- whether  it is music or acting or photography or juggling or teaching people how to juggle or whatever you are trying to do. And especially if you have people around you always telling it's impossible and you should try to do something proper or get a proper job or whatever. If it sounds familiar, this is for you, it's called '27'...
Passenger at Pinkpop


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