Friday, 5 September 2014

'...Blind Love' Part II

Passenger's 'Wide Eyes Blind Love'

6. Wide Eyes

... I've not seen the northern lights
But i have seen your wide eyes tonight
And I've not done all I could have done
And I have walked when  could have run
And I have lost all I could have won
But your wide eyes reflect and move on
I have laughed at all my own jokes
But your wide eyes are like water to a boat
Yeah, your wide eyes are my favourite place

7. Underwater Bride ♥

Oh, just listen to the whole song, it's definitely worth it!
... so I will stay awake and I'll watch the fire burning
And keep the hungry wolves from the door
help me find my way back to the bread crumbles
I've wandered alone through th trees
The lights are dimmng in the windows of the houses
And my heart is starting to freeze
See we have a light but we won't use ir
We're scared we'll lose it if we don't use it
Then we'll die here in the dark
And they will find us, hopeless and helpless
and clutching our frozen hearts
And you and I, well we'll be buried side by side
And time it won't mean a thing
I'll be your underground groom
you'll be my underground bride
Please can you help me keep my head above the water
But I have a sickenss that is making me laugh
We're scared we'll sink it but we'll drink it
And oh, the water's filling me up
And oh, the lights are fading my love

8. Starlings

... I whispered softly, I feel lost
She turned with laughing eyes
And curled her lips toward the sky
And said, get your map our then, you knob
And we laughed like a pair of fools

9. Blind Love ♥

I don't why mike's songs are doing that to me- I'm crying again, like a fool, over a song, jeez...
Trying to hold a love that wants to go
Is like catching a falling flake of snow
It glimmers while it can but it will melt between your hands, you know
To keep alive a love that wants to die
You teach the birds to swim, implore the fish to fly
But gill are made for water, and feathers for the sky, y'know
To find a love that's new where do you start?
It's like trying to find the light switch in the dark
But falling over mess you left unaddressed inside your heart
Oh well, I'll find love, that's a blind love
It's the kind od love I need

10. Snowflakes

 ... snowflakes on the water
Snowflakes on the frozen sea
Snowflakes in the playground
Snowflakes clothing naked trees


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