Thursday, 4 September 2014

Crumbs Of 'Wicked Man's Rest Part I

I've decided to choode my most favourite pieces of lyrics (as I did with 'All The Little Light' and 'Whispers') from album 'Wicked Man's Rest' Passenger (at that time it was still a band, 2007).


1. Wicked Man's Rest

You can say I'm mad you can say I'm crazy
but I'm only as bad as the maker who made me
sinner in the darkness liar in the church
deaf man's silence the blind man's search
teardrop falling memory recalling
I'm a beast in you you're beast in me
bite my nails right down to the skin
where one trust ends another lies begins

2. Night Vision Binoculars 

Ehm, a 'stalking song', haha, just joking
and I wish I had something better I could be
Well I know that it's not right to creep
Ehm, a 'stalking song' (haha, just joking)- it's wicked! 

3. Things You've Never Done

How Your face dropped
How your heart stopped
'cause you've blown out all your candles one by one
and you curse yourself for things you never done
where were you when her hour of need had come
now you curse yourself for things you never done
So you answer don't be scared of failure
For the only failure is never to try

4. Girl I Once Knew

... and there's something in her voice
That has left me with no choice
And the girl I once knew
Left me empty and confused
And it feels different somehow

 5. Do What You Like 

It's hard to say so but this is probably my most favourite song on this album (even though it kind of breaks my heart)
It never felt like it felt when I felt it for the first time with you
And you know I wouldn't lie
Now I'm standing by the fountain and I'm counting all
These sunken coins
Maybe they know what it's like

To be stain on your shirt
and a hole in your jeans
To be the speckle of dirt
on your dress so clean
Because I give you my all
But you give nothing to me
so go on do what you like
Well you treat me like a dirt
I treat you like a queen
You've got all the time in the world
But not a second for me
So no smoking no drinking straight thinking 'cause I'm
driving you home
I can't belive it's you in there


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