Friday, 5 September 2014

Crumbs Of 'Wicked Man's Rest' Part II

Part one is right there if you'r interested. Again, my most favourite 'crumbles' of lyrics :)


6. Needle In The Dark

With progress comes problems
With wisdom somec age
With lessons come learning
And pleasure comes with pain
I took a walk
It  got me thinking
Left foot right foot
Smiling blinking
Breath out breath in
Somehow linking
My soul to my mind and my heart to my mouth

7. Four horses

... I have seen what I have seen as I fall
like a whisper in the dome of St Paul

8. You're On My Mind 

... feeling neglected I let go of myself
it's unexpected but I'm going home by myself
There's a hole in my story there's a hole in my shoe
oh and this story teller is coming unglues, yeah

9. For You

... and it's true dear
If your demons are near
 And You're drowning in tears
For you I would

10. Walk In The Rain
Oh, maybe I changed my mind, this could be my most fav from this album. See, it's kind of special to me as it was the first 'non-from-album-All-The-Little-Lights' song I have heard. At that time I thought that Passenger had only one album :/ After I had it on repeat i was looking for his other songs on youtube and found this, it somehow strucked me. As I am thinking about it, it may have been the breaking point for me, kind of, the time when liking his one album become much more, oh dear, I have so much admiration and love for both his music and personality... I didn't even know the song was on a album... Later, after I found out, that in fact, he already released 5 albums (at that time, before Whispers), I didn't want to hear them (How stupid was I?) because I was afraid I was not gonna like them (what a fool I was!). What is really funny about it, I did not realise I had already heard a bunch of songs from his previous albums and enjoyed them! Haha. Yeah, one day I figured that those song must be on these previous cds so I finally looked them up. After I discovered Spotify, I spent hours listening to his albums (feeling lucky I finally gave them a chance and, at the same time, feeling disguise with myself that, even for the smallest second, I could though that there could be music by Passenger I would not like). Then I was watching the Cd box of previous cds on his official site, thinking when I am gonna buy it. It was sometimes out of stock. And I only owned the digital version of 'All The Little Lights' so finally, one lucky day, I decided to order this little (I mean gigantic) treasure- because I became aware of the fact that I can't live without it (strong words, I know, but.... it's Passenger :))

Here's actually the one video I saw

... and I felt like a child in a world full of men
Trying to capture that something again
And the msuic is soft
And the voice it is hushed
And the boy he has loved
And the man he has lost
I came to my senses it cut me to pieces
'cause I needed more but I was pulling away

11. Table For One

... I'm not drunk I just miss being young
And I grew old so fast
I came here tonight in search of a friend
But I'm the invisible man
And I wish that they could both be here toinght
To see what a mess that I've made
Why'd they teach me to follow my dreams
When dreams are all can be



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