Friday, 12 September 2014

Martin Chodúr's Own Motivation

Even though, the site is a little bit weird (I am not a big fan of motivation books, some of them are just crappy), I enjoyed reading Martin Chodúr's interview in there. Lately, Martin really IS 'sun' (like some other fans call him). He's cheerful and smiling in most photos and interviews I have seen lately- I mean, in his beginning in 2009ish, he was smiling but not with this (uhm, how to call it) 'shining energy'.

My most favourite bits from this interview (I've been trying to translate it in English- please, consider it's a loose translation

I'm not motivated by material stuff. I'm motivated by my inner art drift (He actually used word overpressure- but I'm not sure it would sound positive as he ment it) which I cannot ignore. I Love singing therefore 'to can sing' is my motivation.

About success

To do what we really desire and not what we are told to do if it is not what we want.

About things that make him happy, draw inspiration and energy from

Love, family and home and health. I'm happy that I have those stuff- they load me up with energy.

About meaning (purpose) of life

There's not just one main and deep meaning of life. Like the thought that a novel has to have introduction, plot line (twist) and denouement is obsolete. It is a just a rule and simplification which human made. Why would life had to have meaning? What if this means 'If there's no meaning, we should commit suicide?! Why? Because it has. But it's not ONE meaning, it's more like a circle of life...


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