Monday, 1 September 2014

This Cover Is Kinda My Best Diggity!

Ed Sheeran feat. Passenger No Diggity- Thrift Shop

Do you like covers? I surely DO. I don't think I am that kind of fan who tears of every cover of songs of his favourite artist (from the first second and 'listen' just to make ugly comment) and also on the other hand- when my favourite artist uploads his cover of a certain songs- I am not like- 'yeah, 100 % better than the original!' only because he/they is/are my favourite artist. However, I feel lucky that my favourite singers/band are pretty awesome (hell yeah!) and their covers most of the time 'knock me down'.

 This is one of my most favorite ones (How do you do that,Mike and Ed?!) And by the way, Chet Faker's cover of this song is pretty amazing too.
What cover do you dig?


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