Monday, 1 September 2014

I'm 'Vagabond', Finally!

Hurray! I have finally ordered a physical copy of 'Vagabond' by Stu Larsen. (Yeah, I am kind of broke right now but I don't regret it!) I think I reached the point when I've been 'killing' it on Spotify way too much and well, it feels great to support (freaking) talented artist in this way.

And, Stu tweeted today, that his music is #10 in Germany so I'm wondering if he makes (central) European tour (finger crossed). I'm kind of sad that he won't (robably) accompany Passenger to Prague (but on the other hand I'm happy for him- he's having his own tour in the USA). So the chances I'll ever see him live are higher!

If you're interested: Buy physical, digital


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