Tuesday, 5 August 2014

When Ed And Mike Kick My Sense Of Responsibility In The Ass

I never had particular problem with making myself to go study, I just knew it is something I need to to do to achieve my dream and be successful at school, and sometimes I even enjoy it. Of course, from time to time I got really lazy but somehow I make myself to concentrate again). The last exam time was just challenging and difficult as it was. But about this time first Passenger released his album and shortly after him Ed Sheeran. That's not all- those two albums were absolutely wonderful (even better than I expected)- I had really hard times stop listening to that and start hitting the books. On the other hand, they helped me big-time, their music reduced the amount of stress to bearable amount, I passed (yay!) and now I can listen to these albums without being guilty (Now you get the name of the blog, don't you?).

Ed Sheeran's Multiply


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