Monday, 1 September 2014

Martin's Second Album On Spotify!

Martin Chodúr and his second album Manifest. 

MCh on Instagram
 Isn't it amazing, Martin's Cd is available on Spotify! I mean, I love physical copies (I am also a happy owner of 'Manifest'), but lately I've been streaming a lot (Spotify Premium).

Side note- I get that some artist are kind of disgusted by streaming because, I've been doing small research and yeah, obviously, it isn't that much profitable for them. But guess what? I don't feel guilty at all. Beside streaming, I buy both physical CD and audio albums from iTunes or Google Play and lately (unfortunately) I'm ruining myself by buying their merchandise, tix and stuff. Plus, I can take Spotify Premium everywhere- it works even offline (laptop, tablet, smartphone). So stream happily (did you know there are already official streaming charts? For instance- lovely Bastille :)) and support you favourite artist by buying cds, merch, tix... and spread the word to find them new fans :))

If you liked it, then, please, feel free to buy it here ♥


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